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Endre Márk Borza

A non-exhaustive list of half-done projects, to provide a bit of pressure for making them presentable.

Research projects

Football Project

Unstructured soccer data from different sources, supporting several lines of research

Stable Matching

A recursive extension of Irving algorithm to generalize from the Roommate Problem to the Stable Partition Problem.

Entity Coreference

Python API to a Julia backend for entity coreference problems.

Putative Values

Research into values determining role-model selection and opinion formation in high school communities



Tool to save or load and extend tables in different environments


Julia library for complexity plotting and estimation


Helps tracking and tracing back dataframe columns to their creation without using string literals

Python Package Boilerplate

With invoke command collection for easier and centralized development of the common elements of projects.


Small dash app for creating quizes for programming education

Language Speed Comparator

Comparison of programming languages, running the same inefficient, recursive fibonacci counting/printing algorithm, with an interface for guessing results

Teaching Django App

For organizing courses, lecures and their content.

Task Evaluation

Python package for evaluating simple programming tasks